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Artist, Designer, Illustrator, all round Creative & Storyteller

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As an artist, my work is often composed of portraits and figures, whilst also exploring the artificial surroundings of a subject and how they come to shape an identity, be it of an individual, a community, or culture. My paintings are usually based on photos I have captured, which, after some editing, are recorded with acrylic paint or other mediums. 


Whilst my style is realistic in the way that I document the subject as I see it, I look to capture more than just a likeness in my portraiture, but also show an introspective and vulnerable moment, that is both natural and honest, as it is suspended in time. 


My background as a Designer often guides me through the early stages of exploring ideas and themes. It informs decision-making with colour, structure and compositions, overall complimenting my art practice whilst allowing the freedom of bringing an organic and human element within the works through loose and textured brushstrokes that remain visible. 

I am inspired by film, photography and cinematography, documentaries, performing arts and overall visual storytelling, be it through animation, illustration or graphic fiction. 

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