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Have you ever had your portrait painted?

How it works

If you are interested in getting a portrait painting done then please fill in the form here. Include details on what you are looking for and who will be included. We will discuss the preferred materials such as paper or canvas and the size, before coming to a final plan for the painting where a quote will be given. If it is said that I will photograph the subject for reference then we will look to arrange an appropriate date and time for all involved. I will then begin the painting within an agreed time frame. 


Terms & Conditions

The small print!

Non Refundable Deposit

Once we have finalised the details and you are happy to proceed with the painting process, a non refundable deposit will be required of £180. This will be taken from the total amount and the remaining total will be paid on completion. The deposit acts as protection and will also cover the costs of materials. If you decide to cancel during or after the painting you will not be refunded the £180.

No changes

You cannot request changes to a painting during or after completion. Painting is a traditional form of art making that often takes a journey of its own, resulting in a completely unique piece that cannot be edited. Each painting is treated with care and I will do my upmost to deliver a painting you will be proud to own or gift.

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