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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Abstract Illustration

Artist Study

I LOVE the works of Fernando Barrios Benavides! He's a Spanish artist I've become I fan of through Instagram, and have followed his work for a while now. His care free style felt absolutely perfect for this exercise.

I've never really tried to just paint abstract from listening to music, so this felt completely alien to me. I have no idea how to let the music influence what comes out, I fear I would just over think and put pressure on myself to come up with something "good". I wanted to try allow this exercise to be like meditation. If I gave myself the time to breath, clear any thoughts that tried to enter and just let the music in, what would happen?

Taking inspiration from Fernando gave me a confidence to just create. I wanted to mimic how he uses acrylic to build abstract shapes that form a portrait. The different thicknesses in brush strokes and layers to the different techniques to mixing the paint directly on the paper. His work really speaks to me in the sense that it reminds me to let go.

I very much wanted to tap in to this expressive style like Fernando. So after getting the acrylics set up, I hit play on Miles Davies and let the Jazz work its magic! Here are the results:

I really enjoyed working through this exercise. It was fun to let loose, have no real plan and to just see what happens. I had an idea what I wanted to achieve, and I think by the last double page (above image) I was successful. The figure on the left felt like I channeled the style of Fernando and I love it. Really pleased with the result. It's very much outside my comfort zone, especially on the right page, but it's certainly a style in painting I enjoy.

I decided to combine this exercise with the final assignment for unit 3. I think the final pages will work really well when cleaned up and adjusted.



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