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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Drawing a Grid

Exercise 3

for this exercise I combined two exercises. The making of the grid, and then filling the grid. Sadly I was too excited to fill the grid before getting a photo, and I know it probably would have been best to have used the drawn out grid as template to trace from, but I just went for it!

I had ideas of where to base my series from memory. Flex the muscle memory and go back to school, it has appeared in several dreams since leaving, some still happen even now! Do I think back to a beautiful intimate Chopin concert based in a church in Krakow, or even an old home I had lived in as a child. I scribbled a few different options, but then ran out of views that I could remember, and so opted for something of a recent, somewhat frequent place I visit; the gym (honestly not as often as that may sound).

I started the walk from outside. I usually go in the evening so the view is usually rather dark, but bright lights beam through the entrance door and the windows to the second floor, almost making the rest of the building disappear. I took the journey through the entrance to the ladies changing room, my usual route for when I arrive. The ladies changing rooms has its own stairway up to the ladies only gym, which usually less intimidating than the main room you walk past!

Here are my sketches.

I then moved over to the grid that I had prepared in the previous exercise, using the above sketches as my thumbnails per panel.

I did struggle to enjoy this exercise, purely down to not fully enjoying locations on memory alone. I tend to feel the flatness of the drawings. They're ok for thumbnails, as a base to develop the panels further into more dynamic angles, but as a finished piece I find them very similar and boring. That said, I think they're close to being first person point of view, which I think suits this exercise.


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