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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Exercise 2.1

Limited Line Drawings

As an exercise to warm up with, I can see how limited lines can be beneficial. I do also appreciate an artist who focuses their style on just limited lines, especially if they are skilfully done in one continues line! For me, it makes me feel as though I'm not very well rehearsed in the technique, and in fact not very good.

The image above is my first mini test of reducing lines. Does reducing lines mean they have to be clean, non sketchy illustrations? Like the sketch on the left for example. It's a style I don't know how you can push, but I guess what matters is how often your tool lifts from the paper?

It's fun as a warm up, to get your eye and hand in sync and to cooperate together. I just still can't help but feel the idea of using this in my daily practice would leave me feeling unhappy, like I gave little effort to a drawing.

Image above left was an attempt to keep the pen on paper as long as possible before lifting it. In a way I treated this as a sketch, working out proportions as I moved the pen around. Using the light / dark contour to make purposeful marks in the image which helped getting the pen in different areas, which I think adds more interest and depth in the image. I find this was a successful attempt and one I would have continued with had there been the space to do so.

Image above right took a different approach which lead to using more lines. Although more simple in the form and less accurate, the amount of lines used increased dramatically. I'm not really sure if it is successful by any means, however I guess the practise gave confidence in make decisions for where to draw.

My final attempt I decided to try and fit the entire model in by only focusing on the outline. I wanted to train my eye to follow the silhouette rather than be distracted of the details within. I'm pleased with the result as I feel the proportions are correct on the eye, and you can work out what the subject is. This would be a good base for experimenting with colour through abstract painting or even collage.


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