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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Exercise 3.0

Observation - Topography - Where to Draw - What to Draw

This exercise took several attempts on documenting a journey. It started with a trip to London, then a trip through my local high street, then again a trip to London, and many ideas of places I could execute this exercise successfully - or at least in the most interesting way. Those journeys involved more walking than drawing, and with the weather baring cold temperatures, I often left with just one sketch.

What you will see in this page, are a series of sketches that was created through a number of different days. Despite trying different routes, I decided to focus on, and share my (more than one) trip to London. After not doing very well on the first trip, I wanted to improve on the quantity and quality of the work gathered, by spreading it out across different days. I considered my travel kit of handy tools that I wanted to test as per Research 3.0, and with each trip tried leading with something different. If I started with holding a particular medium, perhaps it would force me to experiment more. A pencil is always the easy option, but what else could I use?

My journey began with my walk to the station. Beside where I live is a long path that leads directly to the station. It's a backstreet route that eventually joins the train track. I chose to do this trip without going further. I stepped out with a set of oil pastels and brush pen.

Day two I ventured further, and this time a journey the train. I packed more for this trip, but what ventured out of the bag was the mechanical pencil and the Posca pen. I'm still holding out for the use of colour in these quick studies and experimenting with different tools is a great exercises.

I had the joy of sitting in an almost empty train. To get to the destination it would take at least 45 minutes, so time was on my side and pressure of a crowd wasn't over me.

Drawn on location using a mechanical pencil and a yellow Posca pen.


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