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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Exercise 3.4

Interpretation and Communication; suppose we make it different?

Use at least three process from the SCAMPER system to generate new drawings explore how to build narratives:

• (S) substitute

• (C) combine

• (A) adapt

• (M) modify

• (P) put to another use

• (E) eliminate

• (R) reverse

I didn't have a huge amount of drawings to work with on this exercise, and so tried to make do with what I did have. The best way I was going to exceed in this was to include adapt or modify in the selection, at least one per drawing. By including those I would be able to extend the drawings I had collected, and just make it different as the exercise suggests.

Of course combine was going to be used in the majority of the "upgraded" artworks. I started with combining the people I had illustrated, and creating my own interpretation of what could have been a busy tube, had this been done in normal circumstances!

Pictures used:

Words for this image would be; Combine, Adapt/Modify and Put to another use. Starting with the gentleman on the far left sitting alone. This started out as just a sketch of a face. From imagination I adapted the face into a full person to make him present in the scene. The others were purely combined to create the feeling of it being busy on the tube. The group in the background were originally sitting on a bench, I hadn't sketched a huge amount of detail and so modified it slightly into a more cartoony look, they are also now standing together.

I felt like this was to be the warm up for this exercise. It's a fairly straight forward approach on the use of SCAMPER and nothing really interesting came from it. Next I wanted combine two drawings that were done on the same day. This time I just wanted to let the imagination flourish a little with not really following an expectation of reality. The words would be Combine, Modify and Put to another use (I think)

Pictures used:

This bird that stood beside me for a while felt to be the irony of the day. I went out to draw people and I end up drawing a bird for the lack of people around me. It was fun to think of different ideas on how I can include it in modified versions.


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