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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Research 5.0

Visual Language

Alice Wellinger

"Alice Wellinger is an artist and illustrator based in Austria. Her signature style incorporates her childhood and personal experiences as a women into symbolicsurreal and ironic images." -

“I always try to tell a little story in my pictures – I like when people have something to think about.” – Alice Wellinger

"unapologetic messaging; from a fragile, porcelain-like vagina to more whimsical, like her pregnant Superwoman on a mission.- Hi Fructose

Symbolic, Surreal, Childhood, Ironic, Troubles, Women Experiences

Alice Wellinger's work appear to be very personal as she approaches topics that are based on daily troubles and childhood memories in surrealist irony. Although they appear to be personal stories from her own experiences, there's a sense of relatability. Working in acrylics, Alice creates stunning 2D paintings that are thought provocative. You can see a relation with religion, femininity, mental health, and perhaps loss.



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