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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Research: Illustrators Make Wallpaper

Well this seemed a bit of an oddball task amongst Part One's theme.

Interestingly, many wallpaper designers originated from some form of textile background, working in fashion before finding a place within interior. Going hand in hand, pattern design in textiles translates across a number of areas within interior, from upholstery to wallpaper and everything in between. I took a browse through John Lewis thinking this would be a place that might showcase modern wallpaper designs from current British designers, to my surprise, John Lewis stocks a wide range of the classic, more iconic designs. I thought there might be more collaborative designs with artists, but sadly this wasn’t the discovery! Despite this, there were a few “brands” that were indeed of people, such as Matthew Williamson. Matthew Began his journey with a degree in Fashion and Textile Design, and had since become a celebrated designer winning many awards for his work in fashion. From the early 2010’s, Matthew seamlessly moved towards interior design, creating a wallpaper and fabric collection with Osborne & Little in 2013.

My mind immediately diverts to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and his bold colourful patterns and lavish design. I have known of him since the iconic Changing Rooms programme, I mean most of the British population would have known of him since then and he still graces our screens with impeccable style. His distinct style makes him an incredibly recognisable and iconic figure of Britain. Little did I know of the flamboyant icon until now. I imagined he was a public figure with a brand of his name where designers would work at creating those maximalism designs. Whilst I believe this to be still true after much digging around and piecing information together, Laurence did indeed study a Fine Art degree at Camberwell School of Arts. *edit - He recently starred on an episode of Celebrity Portrait Artist of The Year proving that he is a very talented artist!* Unable to locate the information on the website, a Google search result showed the information: “Straight from the pen. All the Llewelyn-Bowen patterns begin their life as hand-drawn artwork, created by Laurence in his Cotswold studio.” Quite obviously suggesting that the designs are hand drawn by Laurence himself. It would be great see photos of him in the studio working away, I wonder if he is still fabulously dressed when creating.

I guess where some of this research leads too, is finding commercial use from famous designers work. It’s a great marketing tool for the general public to buy into the idea of being able to purchase affordable luxury wallpapers created by famous interior designers. A little bit like when big fashion designers collaborate with High Street Brands in creating a collection that is affordable.

Still, I didn’t want to focus on the big famous designers. I wanted to find the independent illustrators out there in the wild west or interior design. So I decided to do some hashtag searching on Instagram to see if I could discover any artists sharing work.

Honor Addington

Kate Golding

Alex Kling

Krista Power

Lindsay Alker

Marcela Picinin



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