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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Reviewing Your Own Work

Exercise 1

We find ourselves here, again, for the final time in year one. Reflecting my own work through this course was interesting. I considered the course itself, and what it might have taught me, or better still, prepared me for. I wondered whether I felt more confident around comic books and graphic fiction, and whilst the answer is mostly yes, the final part to this course filled me with doubt. I am confident I have gained an understanding to a world I had only viewed on the sidelines, never really feeling worthy to look at comics for a lack of knowledge. Of course my interest in illustrating stories was high as I have often felt drawn to children books/animation, and also wanting to show narration even in painting, but to think I could one day create my own comics was a million miles away, until now.

Like the previous courses, I have experienced many rollercoaster emotions and struggles through Graphic Fiction. I LOVE the idea that I could eventually turn this into a regular number in my illustration practise, yet I still feel that more training is required. I've struggled with over-thinking ideas, investing too much time into one exercise to the point where going back and changing ideas isn't an option. I have cursed at the briefs many times, and have questioned my sanity on the way. I wondered why I was even doing this in the first place, and is it something I really wanted to continue, that was for the entire Illustration Degree, not Graphic Fiction.

I feel sad that I experienced these changing emotions as I just want to be able to enjoy the course. I have felt that much of the course, and year one in general, could have been reduced dramatically into just the strongest exercises. I wish it hadn't taken me 3 years to complete the first "year", if it hadn't, I may not have gone through so many emotions, stress and anger towards it. I am truly burnt out after completing part 5. Though, through the hardship, I can now see the finish line for Year one, and with that I feel like I've reached a major milestone and achievement. Do I think it could have been better, yes - but I think that's where overthinking and expecting too much from myself comes into play. I am happy with the results, and have made work I am really pleased with.

Here's a look back at the work created in this course!

(Sorry I haven't finished this reflection! It will be done for assessment!)


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