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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Say Hello

Many ideas came to mind for this assignment, but the most sure idea was to make this greeting an illustration in my own cartoon style. With that much decided I let my imagination explore different concepts, most of which all circled around the idea of daydreaming. There's very little moments in the day where you won't find me daydreaming. I dream of almost everything, from the what ifs to the what next. Part of the reason for taking on this course is to make the daydreams a reality, so this relation felt like the best idea for an introduction.



I understand the common term for those who's attention is somewhat diverted, and not so much present in reality, is your "head is in the clouds". This immediately inspired some weird ideas...

Initially I played with the idea of exaggerating the neck so that it would stretch as far as the clouds. However, something about this idea didn’t feel right, it wasn’t surreal enough for me. It had to be a bizarre representation of what it feels like when being lost in your own thoughts.

How could the vision of having your head in the clouds be demonstrated? It’s almost like drifting in the wind, your thoughts are shifting in which ever direction it feels. So I thought; Balloons! When you let go of a balloon with helium (also an ironic representation) it floats across the sky aimlessly. What if I was to make the balloon my head? My head can be leaving my body, in this case reality, and begin to float amongst the clouds.

I loved the idea of making the card a concertina fold. It would work perfect with the balloon, and opening this card would be so much fun.



Secondly, I thought it might be a good idea to stick with a clean design. As much as I would love to be away from the social trap, it does have many benefits as an artist. There's a huge art community out there, with lots of activities to keep your work fresh. Artists create an illustration to introduce themselves with the hashtag "Meet the artist". It felt like a good way to show my style, share my interests and still have fun.

Left side: Back of card, Right side: Front of card

Inside of the card

In the end I went for this concept as the final design. It felt clean, it felt like it was informative in a way, plus I was able to share my cartoon style with some fresh new doodles!

And with that - a huge hello to you!


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