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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2


I decided on the word "Workshop" for this exercise. I chose this for two reasons, 1, I had a tool box with a mixture of tools that would be found in a workshop. 2, it was very different compared to the other exercises, which had involved 80% music.

the tools were perfect for moving around to create angles. I was able to play with depth of field, compose the elements to either have one focal point or to have an equal balance. Nothing really overpowered another, it all just worked.

I began with taking photos. I kept the ratio the same and just flipped it to either be portrait or landscape. Then I found a viewfinder within one of the elements and was pleasantly surprised with the effect it had on the photos. It not only cropped the image, but it also made a kind of kaleidoscope effect which looked really cool. It's funny how simply trying something different, or looking through something can create a very different view on the same thing. Nothing else changed, it was just simply making the lens look through a key hole so to say, and my perspective changed!

After the photos, I created a viewfinder with a small panoramic view.

I didn't spend much time on these sketches as I wanted them to be quick studies. I was able to create 6 different sketches within 30 minutes give or take, and I'm actually very pleased with the results. I like that a viewfinder can push you to zoom in without having to change anything. I love that it made me draw more technical in the sense of proportion and composition. I was able to line things up based on where my eye saw them against the viewfinder. For instance, the tape measure cropped on the left, the locking button placement and angle was a starting point for lining everything else up.

I really enjoyed this exercise and think it'll be a practise I continue. I liked thinking technically about perspective, and looking at how to make this as accurate as possible using the frame. I enjoyed playing with the crops and not being worried if too much of something would be cut out. It made me think with purpose; making the crop and elements count for something. This technical outlook not only helps with the composition of the elements but also makes you think of where text might be added, if needed!


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