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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

A Day In The Life

Exercise 7

I found this to be the most challenging exercise to get into. Generally my day to day is pretty mundane, I get up, do work and then go to gym or the allotment, come home then do coursework. It didn't seem that interesting to document to the level this exercise enthusiastically suggests. I don't interact with many people during my day, less now that I work from home, I don't go to many places, and so my initial thoughts was how on earth am I going to do this? And honestly, I still feel that way, hence why over a month later, I still haven't completed this exercise. In a matter of fact way, this is my least favourite exercise. I almost wish to avoid it!

During May I took a very long and greatly needed break. I managed to feel inspired to complete some of the course which I had taken with me on the holiday, however this one still remains. With the month away I do feel more behind than ever, and having been sitting on this part of Graphic Fiction for yet another long time, I feel even more distant in completing it. Do I abandon this task and hand in what I have done?

To not be a total failure, I had made some very small sketches whilst on holiday. My schedule had taken a dramatic change, and in a way (as you would expect) my days were far more exciting than what they would have been at home. Waking up, going for breakfast, getting the bus to another town just to swim in Cenotes, snorkeling, having lunch, Heading back to holiday home, freshening up and then sitting by a pool for the afternoon, drinking tea and catching some sunshine whilst dipping in the pool to cool off. What a life, and that is just one part! Of course this also meant there would be more interactions with people, conversations exchanged or overheard, trying new things and basically feeling adventurous. Many photos were taken of things I thought would be useful for this exercise so I could later look back and piece together a typical day. From the small things of what I had for breakfast, to the more adventurous of swimming in a cave Cenote. With struggling so much to get through this exercise, the one I had put off for many weeks, I gathered this collection would help massively!

My sketches are pitiful, unfortunately. Now that I am home and I open the sketchbook to the page, it's actually quite an embarrassing attempt. Not to appear like I haven't done anything at this stage, here is a photo reference of the little thumbnail sketches.

When creating this, I was thinking of the micro moments during the day, from waking up to the morning routine of getting ready, which, whether on holiday or not, it is pretty much the same. Do I stick to this fine of detail? I really wasn't prepared to note every second, so this definitely needed some thoughts.

I'm really struggling, actually. Just reading the exercise over and over... It's overwhelming!

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