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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Funny Pictures

Research Task

Don Martin

The simple narration through short panels and the perfect gags in Don's cartoons are very much the kind of cartoons that I enjoy. His style is comedic in the way he even draws his characters, which emphasises facial features to body shapes yet remaining consistent throughout, no character is more unique than the other. I'm not sure all the jokes hit my sense of humour, but I do admire the simplisity in the way the slapstick jokes are delivered, making them very successful and funny, regardless of your sense of humour.

A quote I had found by Don Martin through Wikipedia (not the greatest source of information) hit a note with me in a way I feel is relatable!

"Once I get the OK on the roughs I start the finished drawings. I sort of begin this stage slowly, because doing the finished work always ends up being a seven-day week. An all day, and all evening ordeal. I always anticipate I can draw the books faster than I can. That is a big mistake, since it adds a lot of anxiety, and aggravation to the project. I thought I had developed a system with the last one. I worked on the book in batches of 15 pages or so. I even kept a record to see how long it took me to do the pencils, and how long it took me to do the inks, but it still ended up being seven days a week for a couple of months. I find I have to get some momentum going when I draw. I can't work with interruptions. I like to have three or four days where I don't even leave the house on an errand. I get a lot more done that way, because I build up a head of steam


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