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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Architectural Drawing

Exercise Five

During this section I had made a few drawings on location of "architectural" buildings. I wasn't really sure how I was going to progress them into more refined drawings but I had gather a variety that I could later choose from.

First drawing was of a very old bookshop in Lewes. The one thing small English towns have in common is the presence of a wonky old building with exposed beams, weird shaping and small doors. This was no exception, and certainly did not disapoint! The building was stunning and I immediately wanted to draw it.

The only pencil I had at hand was the very light 2H pencil that I have come to learn that I do not enjoy using. My next illustrations using an 8B pencil had the dramatic change in the mark making and control that feels far more comfortable to use (weirdly).

The drawing on location was not terrible, however it lacked the contrast needed with the neighbouring buildings that were not quite as old as this. It also could have been worked on top of with something darker to communicate the different levels and colours.

The next drawing felt more complete for drawing on location. I feel I was able to record enough information in this drawing that I could later use when developing. There was no major buildings or structures standing near the community hall, however there was greenery. I wondered if this would work well for showing the contrast in the surroundings next to the building.

I liked how I had illustrated only the top part of the foliage in front of the building, and leaving the space empty to suggest how far along it might go. I can see how adding colour would help communicate the building so that it would become more clear to see. The heavy pencil lines might subtract from understanding what is happening.

The final drawing was from the back of a row of houses the was next to the river. It was a quick sketch and even during the drawing I felt it was perhaps not the strongest view I could have chosen.

What I do feel I had been successful at in this drawing was showing very quickly the different elements that created the image, more specifically the greenery that had overgrown out of the river hiding the houses and sheds behind it.

I decided to go with the last drawing and very quickly applied some colour on ProCreate.

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