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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Everyday Fashion

Exercise Four

I had taken a trip into London with the intention of completing this task, however I found it very difficult to do from life. It didn't feel right whenever I attempted to draw someones style, I would see them, look at the page and just have no idea how to start it as the people often moved very quickly out of eye sight.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that drawing the fashion on location was something I just wasn't ready for. I believe it takes a different ability in being able to capture people and their fashion, either that or time. Perhaps drawing people in a coffee shop would have been more suitable for me. I need people to slow down. With that said, for this exercise I decided to work with photographs of London Street Fashion found on the internet. My aim was to work quickly as if drawn on location, and not focus on details unless there were areas I wanted to focus on, like fold lines etc.

I really didn't want to spend too much time browsing styles I liked, instead I just grabbed a selection quickly based on what I had seen during my trip into London.

I found blog websites that post about individual styles they spot on the streets. I chose to look through this rather than Pinterest which is typically where I would lose all time browsing and browsing to the point I forgot what my original search was.

The first blog was "Who What Wear", where I scribbled down some of the outfits snapped across a double page spread.

I then dug up a few shots from pinterest that lead me to the Men's London Fashion Week fo Spring/Summer 2023. I was lead to Vogue who had a range of street photography during the vent and also Hypebeast. I decided to follow on to Hypebeast as they had around 50 photos I could skip through.

I was really enjoying sketching the looks in a fast paced manor, spending maximum a minute on each. This gave me the feeling of drawing from live, but still having enough time to draw the pose and style without it passing by too quickly in ending with an incomplete drawing.

I was enjoying this a lot and decided to take it a little further and use a fashion illustrator as inspiration. With a little search, I found Richard Haines to be the most resonating artist, not so much for the subject matter but for his line work. His style for fashion was the messy looseness that I always admire and deep down feel to be my calling. After looking at his current works and seeing videos of him talking, I decided to attempt at sketching a few poses in his style.

Drawing by Richard Haines from his personal Instagram

Drawing by Richard Haines from his personal Instagram

In many of the illustrations Richard shares on social media, he is often said to be working from photos. It gave me some comfort in knowing that even the loose messy drawing style that looks to have been done in the present moment, live, can sometimes be from photo. I think you can still capture the movement, the gesture when working from life, and it is the loose line work that Richard uses that gives it the energy and life of a moment.

With my own attempt at my small sketchbook drawings, I found myself still working in my own way when using the pencils. I somehow play it safe, albeit in a very rough sketchy way, by creating drawings that have complete lines. Unlike Haines, who appears to use many small lines or one continues flow of line, I am still sketching them and over working them. When I move over to working in pen, I found myself slightly closer to Haines with a combination of the small and long lines. I still feel I needed to simplify the drawing to less lines.

Looking at his portfolio that can be found on the Agency website, I picked out two pieces that stood out for me. One was a striking pose with good silhouette, the second looked to be a queue of 4 men each in similar poses with the arm in pocket.

Photo from Ono Agency by Richard Haines

Photo from Ono Agency by Richard Haines

From these, I was inspired to try a more "editorial" style image. I kept the searching short and to the point, and found two images I thought would be fun to work with. This time I changed the sketchbook and the tools. I went for a pen nib and ink, hoping to get somewhere close to the first image above in black and white.


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