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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Exercise 4.1

Description and Depiction

"Oh, there goes another ant finding its way on the arm of my garden chair. The sun is very hot this early evening, probably the reason for the ants going wild on the surface. Ah, just kicked off another, sneaky buggers they are. As you can guess, I'm in the garden. Beautiful weather that are finally blessed with. The air smells warm, the smell I've longed for after what felt like an eternity of winter. It's on the edge of being the stick kind of warm, you know the feeling. So nice to be able to sit and enjoy the outdoors again. Listening to the birds chirping and singing from all directions. I'll be a sleep in no time, purely for how calming it is. I say that, in the distance you can hear the traffic of those returning home from work no doubt, disturbs it a bit, but in a way - that is also soothing. Every 30 minutes a train will pass, loud, but I'm also use to it now. Then there's a pause from the noise, lovely. "

This was a note I had made whilst sitting in the garden. It's quite loose, and probably a little too close to being a letter without much information. It covered noise, mostly. Which at the time was quite busy with birds, quite literally in all directions. I wondered how I was going to include those in the next stage.

Image on the right (above) is writing words, noises and objects depending where they were. Where I heard something and where I had seen something. Chairs, birds and traffic filled the page.

Here I drew my surroundings. The birds were of course hidden, and so opted to draw music notes where I could hear them singing.


I hadn't considered using words in place of a drawing. Replacing the sketch of an object with the actual name instead seemed an odd approach. It made sense why this is a technique used in sketchbooks, when thinking of the time limits one might have. S=Often things can happen so fast that your ind only processes the sound or the name, and so making not of this where they happened in your perspective is a good way to revisit later on. It means you could remember the moment through the experience again when memory is jogged by a word. Allowing you to be able to use the computer to fill in the gaps. I might find this valuable in the future, especially if it's a fast paced event that I struggle to keep up with when drawing.


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