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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Exercise: Mix & Match

Today, 27th June, I hosted my very first Sketchbook Club session. I decided to save this exercise for that, as it would force me to use my sketchbook to draw out the initial idea, which I could then later clean up digitally. The event is going to be a monthly event for locals to attend and sketch! I bring a prompt along with some reference images to help inspire, and then the rest is up to them! they can use the prompt if they feel stuck or just explore their books the way they wanted. For me, I find having a prompt most helpful, and often allows me to think beyond what I think I am capable of. Today's word was "bottle".

Here's one of the things I sketched.

I somehow came to the idea of adding a cat in the bottle, as I find it hilarious when a cat manages to squeeze into the most bizarre, tight spaces as if their bodies is just pure water. I would have liked to explore this further so that it did actually look more like liquid in a bottle, but as sketchbook doodles go, I am not mad at it!

I decided to pursue it digitally, so began by taking a photo of it on my iPad and placed it in to Procreate. I reduced the opacity so you could see it but it wasn't too harsh that you wouldn't be able to see any drawing over it.

What I did like about the sketchbook version was the way I coloured it with the pen, so with this in mind I tried to replicate it with a pencil style brush. I gave it a background colour and also colour in the white areas.

In the digital version, I extended the sketch slightly by adding the shadow that somewhat gives the impression the bottle is floating. I added the sleeping Z's and a little dream bubble with a fish in it. It's a super simple illustration in the sense that there is not much complication in this picture.

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