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Helen Capewell
OCA Learning Log
Student Number: 522802
Degree: Illustration
Current Level: 2

Research: Who & What

The one joy of social media is discovering working artists and illustrators from around the world. Without this, you would only see those that make the cut, get through the noise and manage to get published or represented. The ones that are put on a pedestal so high that you feel you'll never be able to reach. What social media has created (and may soon kill) is a space that makes you believe that you can be successful at getting your work seen by yourself. It gives back control to the creator, and allows the freedom to promote yourself.

Discovering artists and following their work, growth and progress is now the sole reason why I use social media. In a way it's a double ended sword, it's inspiring and demotivating. It wastes your time of creating to watch someone else create. The biggest trap for procrastinating, yet I love to see how people work, to follow artists and seeing how they navigate through the ever changing algorithms. I follow painters, sketchers, story tellers, directors and more. Here are a few of my favourite creators of this time that I feel show some variety, though do believe that this list is much longer.

Jeremy Hoffman

Character Designer

Leigh Ellexson


Jorge R. Gutierrez


Roxy Van Bemmel


Tina Nawrocki

Hand Drawn Animator

Olan Rogers




Tania Rivilis




Niall Breen

Comic Illustrator

Dominic Zurbriggen


Pablo Dalas

Tattoo Artist

Jackie Droujko

Character Designer

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